I didn't get my order confirmation, what can I do?

You should receive your child/school pack order confirmation by email soon after payment. If you haven't received any confirmation email please see below steps:

a) Check your spam/junk mail folder: Sometimes, order confirmations can end up in your spam or junk folder.

b) Check for typos/errors: Make sure there were no typo or error in the email address you provided. If there was a typo or error, the confirmation email may have been sent to the wrong email address. 

c) Check your email once again: In some cases, there may be a delay in receiving the confirmation email due to high volumes of orders or technical issues. Give it some time and check your email again later. Or try to clean out your inbox as it might be full. 

If you still can't find the confirmation email following the above steps, please contact COS customer service on 1300 792 785 or via email on parentportal@cos.net.au for assistance.  Make sure to keep your order number or email address on hand. Our customer support can verify whether your order went through and resend the confirmation if necessary.